Mette Munk

SHRI Tango Yoga Inquiry


Shri - Sanskrit for 'Grace'


- as in gracefully accepting that there is more to it than what meets the eye. There is that little something extra, that makes tango more than steps, yoga more than exercise, communication more than exchanging facts.

It is uncovering - with you - that 'extra something' that makes me love teaching and facilitating.

About me:

Mette Munk


I have worked as a tango teacher and performer for the last 11 years, during which time I co-founded and ran M2tango Studio until Feb. 2016. My new focus is to bring together my fields of experience to embody leadership and bring body awareness and body language proficiency into health care.


I am a trained therapist and certified coach with a preference for The Work of Byron Katie. I organise seminars with certified facilitators and integrate dance into health care training and apply my experience in leadership programs.


A Certified Anusara Yoga Elements teacher, I am exited to incorporate this knowledge of body and mind also in my tango classes and therapeutic work!

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