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 by Mette Munk, Chiang Mai 2016



Holding the space and setting the frame for groups to work with relations and interaction.


I was very happy to co-host a weekend of Transforming Relations in Copenhagen 7-9th of October 2016!

We will be offering another in the Fall of 2017.


Ernest Holm Svendsen is a great inspiration to me, and I am looking very much forward to sharing The Work of Byron Katie with you under his very capable guidance.


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Individual Session


Know your self.

All suffering comes from believing your unquestioned thoughts.

Let's see if they are actually true or if you have a deeper truth that is kinder.


Individual 1 hour walks and talks in the nearest bit of nature. Moving the body also allows the mind to shift, and moving in nature reminds us of perspective.


What are you dealing with? Let's walk our way through it!

(in case of heavy rain, I will find an indoors location if you prefer)


1 session 800,-


- skype sessions also available -

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